New England Storm Seekers

Chasing Emergencies, Disasters and Severe Weather

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Hello and welcome to New England Storm Seekers!

I work in the disaster response industry and own a preparedness and outdoor gear store. For the last 7 years, I have been on the front lines of disasters, emergencies and severe weather as a first responder and photojournalist. Recently storm chasing has become more than just a hobby. When I started my preparedness business in 2013, I found that I would benefit greatly from experiencing extreme weather conditions, emergencies and other scenarios first hand; so that is what I do. I go out into the storm to learn, to document the incidents, storms and other situations and to use each experience to be able to provide my clients, customers and community with the best service possible.

I photograph and video every incident that I respond to. Thanks to knowing the right people, I am able to get "inside the tape" access to many incidents and situations.

What I respond to:

  • Fire and EMS incidents in the Greater Torrington area
  • Severe Weather
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Large disasters and emergencies

My main goal is to educate myself and to be able to help my community.

More about me:

  • Licensed Amateur Radio Operator. Callsign is KC1CWP
  • Certified SKYWARN Spotter
  • Member of ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service)
  • Wireless Operators of Winsted member
  • Trained in Urban and Watercraft Search and Rescue
  • Some experience and training with Fire Departments
  • I love fishing and hiking

Area of Operation:


Litchfield County

New Haven County

Fairfield County

Hartford County


Berkshire County

Hampden County

Hampshire County

Worchester County

Suffolk County


Dutchess County

Columbia County

Rensselaer County

Washington County

Saratoga County

Albany County